The europlus Retrocomputing Podcast Playlist

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a retrocomputing enthusiast who does not listen to at least one podcast related to the hobby.

There are a large number of podcasts related to retrocomputing, and I have a set of them that I listen to. For whatever value my readers get from it, here’s a list of the currently active ones on my playlist:

Retro Computing Roundtable: For a general retrocomputing podcast it’s hard to go past RCR. Now approaching its sixth anniversary, a ragtag fugitive fleet of retro enthusiasts from around the world (including my veritable neighbour, Michael Mulhern) get together roughly weekly to discuss news, a host topic, eBay finds, and anything else relevant (and sometime irrelevant and/or irreverent). [Subscribe in iTunes]

Open Apple: current hosts Quinn Dunki and Mike Maginnis host this Apple ][-themed podcast now in its sixth year. It covers news, doesn’t officially cover eBay, and the hosts have interviewed some of the movers and shakers in the Apple scene both from the early days and currently. My What WOzFest Is…and Isn’t post is dedicated to the Open Apple Fact Checking Department. [Subscribe in iTunes]

RetroMacCast: one of the early podcasts for retrocomputer enthusiasts, still going and currently up to episode 415 and approaching its 10th anniversary in December. James and John look at eBay finds, news from the Mac arena both past and present (and sometimes the wider Apple retrocomputer sphere), sometimes dip into a historical issue of Mac magazines from decades past and generally shoot the breeze. [Subscribe in iTunes]

FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast: Randy Kindig hosts this general retrocomputing podcast I’ve only recently started listening to. Randy is roughly following a timeline of 8 bit retrocomputers, detailing their development and time on the market, and then the current resources and accessories available for them. Randy often gets movers and shakers relevant to the original or current development of the computer he covers on an episode. Special interview and event episodes are interspersed and give further insight into historical and current retrocomputer topics and events. [Subscribe in iTunes]

As with anything in life, sometimes things go awry and podcasts go on hiatus. Retrocomputer-related podcasts I’ve listened to in the past which haven’t been active in some time include:

1 MHz Apple II Podcast: What about that Carrington, eh? Carrington Vanston wore all the hats on this podcast which was active from 2006 till 2012 (if you’re loose in your definition of “active”). Carrington has a style all his own, and I’m pleased we’ve not lost it completely as he often co-hosts the RCR. [Subscribe in iTunes]

The Retrobits Podcast: Earl Evans’ general retrocomputing podcast had a good mix of info on current happenings in retrocomputing land and interviews, as well as Earl’s own projects. Earl also often co-hosts RCR. [Subscribe in iTunes]

A2Unplugged: active from 2006-2010, A2Unplugged was one of the first retrocomputing podcasts I listened to. Hosted by the late Ryan Suenaga, it had a yearly roundup roundtable, and discussed then current happenings in the Apple ][ world.

While inactive, the published episodes of Retrobits, 1 MHz and A2Unplugged are often still worth a listen, if only to get a glimpse of the retro-retrocomputing scene!

What have I missed?! If you enjoy a retrocomputing podcast I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the Comments below (and I’m aware of non-Apple platform-specific podcasts like Antic and Chicken Lips Radio – but I keep my own listening to Apple and general retrocomputing podcasts for the sake of time).

4 thoughts on “The europlus Retrocomputing Podcast Playlist”

    1. Thanks, Randy – I was going to send in some feedback once I’d caught up, but I’m only up to Episode 38 and I had to write something for my blog (I’m trying to stick to a weekly schedule in normal months, should be more frequent during Retrochallenge 16/10).
      Keep those episodes coming! I’ll still send some feedback once I’ve =caught up 🙂

  1. The pairing of Carrington & Mike on the “No Quarter” (arcade) podcast was second-to-none in my opinion. Sadly the podcast itself seems to have fallen by the wayside recently, after a few attempts to kickstart it again with different co-hosts after Carrington left.

    Great to hear they’re both still involved in Apple-related podcasts – I’ll have to pick up Open Apple and keep an ear out for Carrington on RCR!

    1. I haven’t listened to No Quarter – although I dumped a heap of 20¢ pieces down the throat of arcade machines (and wasted innumerable hours) back in the day, I’ve not really gotten into the arcade scene.
      Wouldn’t mind setting up an arcade cabinet with at least Zaxxon and Bump’n’Jump, however.
      I’ve not listened to Eaten By A Grue, either, and haven’t listened to any podcasts specific to non-Apple companies (Tandy, Commodore, Atari), only general ones like FloppyDays and RCR.

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