Along with collecting Apple ][ computers, I host WOzFest at my home on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

WOzFest is an informal gathering of Apple ][ enthusiasts – they usually start at around midday on a Saturday and go into the evening. For those needing it, I have written a short primer on the differences between WOzFest and Oz KFest.

Currently I’m aiming for five a year, a number which may change as my time frees up or tightens. As of December 2022 there have been 27 held.

The primary aims of WOzFest are to allow Apple ][ enthusiasts to:

  • work on their projects;
  • show off their projects or items in their collection;
  • discuss their projects or get help with them;
  • buy, swap, give away or sell items;
  • be involved with video calls with interstate or international Apple ][ enthusiasts or luminaries;
  • experience new products (either released at the gathering or recently purchased by attendees).

Any schedule for the day is loose and subject to change depending on the availability (and time zone) of video callers, when attendees have to leave (or arrive), or even just my whims on the day.

Drinks (usually soft drinks and apple cider) and nibbles are provided, for which I ask for a small contribution, and dinner is pizza as a shared cost. Although some or all of the refreshments costs have been anonymously donated at some WOzFests, this cannot be guaranteed to occur at any given WOzFest.

WOzFest recaps, photo galleries and announcements can all be found via the WOzFest tag on this site, and if I get a chance I’ll post info on the WOzFest Mastodon account.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact me to get location details and to answer any other questions you may have.

I really enjoy hosting WOzFest, and I hope you can join us in the future!

2024’s schedule is:

WOzFest 3316 March 2024
WOzFest 3425 May 2024
WOzFest 3527 July 2024
WOzFest 3628 September 2024
WOzFest 3723 November 2024