A new ]HOME

Welcome! I’ve decided to try self-hosting this blog – it may not see me posting more often, but I do want to make it more “my” place.

So, this is “The europlus Zone” – I’ll be consolidating things like the files for my Silentype Font under this domain (☑︎ done!), as well as the pictures I’ve placed on an old site I’d previously hung off my business’ domain (☑︎ done!).

I am hoping, now that our renovations are almost finished, to get back into retro goodness – consolidating and documenting my collection, testing my two Silentypes now I have an Apple ][ interface card for them, mucking around with the Uthernet II, writing a few more posts here and, should I be ready, finally entering the RetroChallenge.

Just a quick shout out to David Finnigan of the Mac GUI and A2HQ – without him starting the A2HQ hosting area, I wouldn’t have bothered starting this blog. I’m hardly changing the Apple ][ world, but it is a place for me to share what retro things I have done.

Apple ][europlus forever!

3 thoughts on “A new ]HOME”

  1. Hello,
    Do you know when Europluses began to ship (from Ireland I guess) ?

    1. From a quick Google search, I found this and this, so it looks like production began in Cork in mid-late 1980, and there was also production in the US (possibly started earlier). I’ll put checking the date codes (and confirming origin) of my europluses on my todo list for my upcoming Sydney gathering and reply here again.

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