WOzFest $04 Announcement

To celebrate KansasFest 2016 (and commiserate with other non-attendees) I’m proud to announce WOzFest $04 will be held on Saturday 23 July, kicking off at around midday.

At 1400 AEST we’ll try and get a video hookup with any KansasFest insomniacs (it’ll be 2300 CDT there) and share the KFest vibe.

Potential projects include ESR testing of PSU capacitors (feel free to bring some along), software preservation, assessment of some complete Apple //e education systems Jeremy from Canberra has recently secured from his high school Maths teacher, disk drive maintenance/recovery, and anything else people bring with them or decide on the day!

The usual munchies and cider will be present, with an expected dinner of pizza.

I expect it will be more low-key than WOzFest /// – but as I discovered last time around, anything can happen in 3 short weeks!

Hope to see you there!

Update: I’ve been donated an EDD+ card by Chris from Townsville and it’s now arrived – subject to it being operational, software preservation is definitely on the agenda. And, speaking of agendas, the video hookup “session” has been added to KansaFest’s official schedule – so I hope to see you there…or here…or, umm, wherever!

4 thoughts on “WOzFest $04 Announcement”

  1. Hi

    You don’t actually say where it will be. If it’s in Sydney I might pop up for the afternoon.



    1. Hi Denis, it’s in Wollstonecraft (that’s the “W” in “WOzFest”) on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Close to the train station (600m or so) and only about 1km from Crows Nest.
      Hope you can make it!

  2. Hello
    To see what a French group had in 1987 on an Apple IIgs

    this demo and the copier will not work on emulators or on the Rom 03.

    Just ” French touch”

    1. I’ve been enjoying the recently-released French Touch demos, even though I don’t always have the hardware to run them.

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