Juiced.GS Publisher Announces Two New Retrocomputer Services

Gamebits, publisher of the sole remaining Apple ][ print publication, Juiced.GS, has announced two new online services for retrocomputer enthusiasts: Retro Roundup and a2.click.

Retro Roundup is a feed aggregator of retrocomputer-related sites (disclaimer: including this one!) which can be filtered in several ways. Interested users can read the feed “onsite”, subscribe to RSS feeds, or receive weekly updates via e-mail. Sites are being actively added by Gamebits, and site publishers can submit their own site for inclusion in the aggregator feed.

a2.click is a URL shortener with an Apple ][ focus. Links on a curated whitelist of sites (disclaimer: this site is on the whitelist!) can be shortened to make them more easily shared. For example, after setting it up, rather than sharing “https://europlus.zone/resources/silentype-font-v2-0-released/” as a link to my Silentype font, I can now just share the link “https://a2.click/silentypefont” instead. Much easier!

I’ll be using both sites (and encourage you to do the same), and really appreciate the effort Ken Gagne at Gamebits puts into supporting the Apple ][ community in particular, and the wider retrocomputer community in general – thanks, Ken!

2 thoughts on “Juiced.GS Publisher Announces Two New Retrocomputer Services”

    1. Hi Wayne, I’ve bought some NOS ones off eBay a couple of times. They do come up occasionally.
      The Auction titles I bought were:

        Apple ][ II Europlus NOS metal silkscreen case badge emblem -never fitted – rare
        APPLE II euroPLUS

      So the titles don’t always have “badge” or “case” in them.
      The complication is that europlus is a brand name of tapware from Grohe, so you need to limit your search to the relevant computer-related categories.
      Good luck in your search!

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