QFest 18 Announcement

SteveK in Brisbane has now confirmed he’ll be able to host a QFest to coincide with WOzFest 18 – hooray!

Not only that, he’s done the upgrade and got the quintessential mini-Australian-Apple ][-Fest infrastructure for use by attendees – a table tennis table!

Because of timezone differences, QFest 18 will be starting at 02:00 UTC (WOzFest 18 will be starting at 01:00 UTC), but we’ll stream with them as soon as they’re up and running at WOzFest TV.

Food and other refreshments will be provided by Steve (what a champ!), but registrations are essential – reach out to me or comment here if you would like to register.

Despite COVID-19, this is going to be a bumper WOzFest year, and I hope our Northern friends can keep up the pace!

Apple ][ Forever!

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