WOzFest $04 Galleries

These are my pictures from and related to WOzFest $04 – please link to any galleries of your own photos in the comments.

A new logo for WOzFests.
That’s going to be one BIG europlus!
Guiding Disk ][’s back into operation.
i’m fEDD up doing its thing in preparation for WOzFest $04.
The fun begins.
Denis’ original europlus and //e.
A //e clone and a couple of //e’s needing love and attention.
A Laser 128 with an external port…it just looks wrong!
Things are kicking along now!
Soundsmith v2.0b starting up.
Giving credit where it’s due.
Soundsmith v2.0b in action.
Up to eight channels selectable thanks to the 4soniq!
FTA’s Soundsmith Player supporting extra channels.
Badge prep begins.
For a sense of scale.
Masking tape to keep bare wood available for gluing.
My paint selection.
First coat.
Second coat – some pieces required a third coat.
Silver paint for authenticity.

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